Many of our clients are truly more than clients to us. A business relationship often blooms into a friendship and we value these friendships greatly. HAZEMAG is a perfect example of a client that turned into a friend quickly. “It’s not a typical business relationship. I mean, it is a friendship and a bond and a partnership where we’re both looking out for each other’s success,” says Jeff Sikora, Vice President of HAZEMAG North America. Over the years, HAZEMAG has allowed us to help them with several aspects of their business. Our graphic design staff, animators, videographers, and copywriters have all had a hand in offering HAZEMAG business solutions.


Shoot-A-Way manufactures the most advanced basketball shooting machine in the world. NBA teams, top colleges, and the best high school coaches use “The Gun.”

A company with a reputation like Shoot-A-Way deserves nothing but the best when it comes to things like their website, programming, video, and photography production. That’s why they chose us to take care of all of these needs.

City of Mansfield

From manufacturers, to banks, to cities… our clients do not fall under any one umbrella. Similarly, the work we do for each client never looks quite the same. While many of our clients have audiences with specific demographics and other segmentation variables, the city of Mansfield has a vast audience that could include anyone who resides in the city. This requires us to think on a much broader scale when approaching specific projects for the city.

Kingwood Center Gardens

At Kingwood Center, guests have the opportunity to wander freely throughout the facility viewing both gardens and the famous mansion that still stands on the property. While allowing visitors to explore freely leads to an enjoyable and educational experience for guests, it can sometimes be difficult for employees to communicate with them. This realization brought about a need for Kingwood Center Gardens that we were able to help them solve.

Richland Area Chamber of Commerce

The Richland Area Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development is a member-based organization that supports economic development throughout the Mansfield, OH and Richland County area. In recent years, we have had the opportunity to work closely with the chamber on several different projects.