Many of our clients are truly more than clients to us. A business relationship often blooms into a friendship and we value these friendships greatly. HAZEMAG is a perfect example of a client that turned into a friend quickly. “It’s not a typical business relationship. I mean, it is a friendship and a bond and a partnership where we’re both looking out for each other’s success,” says Jeff Sikora, Vice President of HAZEMAG North America. Over the years, HAZEMAG has allowed us to help them with several aspects of their business. Our graphic design staff, animators, videographers, and copywriters have all had a hand in offering HAZEMAG business solutions.

On the graphic design side, our artists have created magazine ad designs and trade show booth designs that have been on display helping portray the HAZEMAG brand. HAZEMAG attends countless presentations and expos and having professionally designed materials is crucial to portraying a positive image to potential customers. In addition to our graphic design work, we also complete animations for HAZEMAG regularly.

HAZEMAG designs and manufactures machines for use in the aggregate industry. When working with machines as large and complex as HAZEMAG’s equipment, it can be difficult to describe to customers exactly how each machine works. With the use of animation, HAZEMAG is able to flawlessly display each and every detail of their equipment. With the ability to show each part of the machine including the internal makeup, HAZEMAG can give each customer a clear understanding of the product with no room for confusion or misunderstanding. Animation can also be used for training purposes across countless industries.

In addition to the abundance of animation work we’ve completed for HAZEMAG, we have worked on some video projects as well. Many of the videos we have completed were for use at different expos across the country. By including videos in their presentations, HAZEMAG ensures a clear and concise way to display a lot of information in a short amount of time. Regardless of the industry or topic, we have the ability to create professional video presentations that will set our clients apart from the competition.

While working with HAZEMAG, a unique need was brought to the table that we have loved offering solutions for. HAZEMAG often gives presentations to aid them when offering multi-million dollar quotes to customers. In order for their clients to get a full understanding of the quote as well as the products being offered, we help HAZEMAG by creating custom computer programs that allow for live simulation of various product scenarios. While HAZEMAG could put together simple presentations using programs they have access to, they were looking for a much more professional look. Rather than putting together an amateur slideshow presentation or spreadsheet, we create high-end presentations that include 3D animation and work to create highly customized sales collateral. Additionally, these presentations are also used at large-scale tradeshows and expos in order to explain and demonstrate Hazemag’s products to potential clients.

We also had the opportunity to create HAZEMAG North America’s website! Learning about their industry and brand allowed us to develop a sharp and functional website to meet their exact needs.

“Just the way our company gets marketed… DRM solves the problem that we would never be able to solve internally.”

Jeff Sikora

Vice President of HAZEMAG North America

When we work with our clients, we make it a point to learn their business inside and out. This gives us the ability to use countless avenues to offer communication solutions. In addition to our creative/artistic work, we have employees with professional writing abilities that can generate written content for countless uses. For HAZEMAG, we’ve written everything from LinkedIn posts, to magazine features, to content for their website. By building a personal relationship with our clients, we can approach writing copy in a way that maintains the client’s brand voice.

We want our clients to put their time and energy into what they know best, their products or services. We offer peace of mind to our clients, ensuring them that we can take care of all of their media and communication needs.