Our Company

For over 35 years, DRM Productions has been dedicated to creating quality media for our clients.

Creating is our passion.

We create videos to tell your story. We create websites to reach your audience. We create apps to make your life easier. Whether designing ads and brochures or programming complex web applications, we thrive on the challenge of making it the best it can be. We create solutions.

Communication is our focus.

Communication can be as broad as your brand or as simple as your logo. It is how you get information to your customers or employees, whether it’s via a website, ad, or digital sign. We understand the complexity of getting your message across, and we are committed to helping you communicate with impact.

Our History

DRM Productions began in 1984 as a video production company. We produced quality videos for everything from television commercials to corporate training. Over the years, our clients began to ask for more and more diversified media products, and we quickly grew to meet those needs. We expanded to include graphic design, then we grew further, adding web design, digital signage, and custom programming.

As we keep broadening our horizons with technology and the needs of our clients, we continue to offer the same excellent video production and customer service that gave us our beginning over 35 years ago.

Our Staff

We have staff members who specialize in: photography, video editing, graphic design, web development, application programming, copy writing, and marketing strategy.

With such diverse specialties, DRM Productions brings the best of each to every project we produce.








office administrator


videographer, editor


videographer, editor


animator, graphic designer


graphic designer, web developer


graphic designer, web developer


graphic designer, web developer








support technician, hosting engineer

Our Identity

Our company’s identity is made up of the various characteristics by which we can be recognized and known. These characteristics go beyond the bright yellow and red logo our customers have come to recognize. Identity consists of each intricate detail a company uses to brand itself, from which fonts to use for which scenarios to exact framing and dimensions for design and marketing. Here, you can find our company’s identity guidelines with logo direction, color swatches, typeface guidelines and more. We have and will continue to use these guidelines to keep consistent branding across all future creative projects.

See Our Identity Guidelines