Developing Innovative Marketing Materials
for HAZEMAG North America


For over 25 years, HAZEMAG North America has partnered with DRM Productions to develop innovative and interactive marketing and sales materials to showcase their brand with the prestige it deserves. 

DRM has come alongside HAZEMAG to develop premium marketing materials to deliver a unified message across all mediums. From interactive sales presentations, websites, animations, trade show booths, brochures, magazine ad designs, videos, promotional items, and more, DRM’s work has equipped HAZEMAG with the resources they have needed to  become an impressive and respected industry leader. 

“DRM solves the problem that we would never be able to solve internally… the things that we can pull off with the help of DRM paint a picture that is much larger.”
Jeff Sikora
Vice President of HAZEMAG North America


HAZEMAG produces premium crushing stations for the aggregate industry. In the aggregate industry, a typical sales cycle can be several years long, resulting in a multimillion-dollar equipment installation. To stand out against their competition, delivering a premium and impressive sales presentation is critical to moving a project forward. 

DRM has built several interactive applications to present the robust features of the complex equipment for proposals that HAZEMAG is delivering to their clients. These presentations showcase state-of-the-art animations, images, and a premium brand experience. “We are constantly being told it’s the best presentation our customers have seen,” shares Sikora.

The benefit of a long-standing client relationship is the ability to invest in a partner as both businesses grow over time. As DRM has grown, so has HAZEMAG.

“We have experienced changes internally that have been a result of DRM that has allowed us to grow employee-wise and revenue-wise.
Jeff Sikora
Vice President of HAZEMAG North America

For anyone who’s worked with DRM, they know that customer relationships are a priority for all of DRM’s staff. Sikora testifies to that fact, sharing, “it’s not a typical business relationship, it is a friendship and a bond, and a partnership where we’re both looking out for each other’s success. We don’t look to DRM just to provide us with a service, as much as we look to DRM to help us become a better company.”


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