Graphic Design

Good design makes you look good. It also communicates your message clearly to your target audience. Our artists design everything you need:

  • logos and branding
  • brochures and fliers
  • business cards and pocket folders
  • websites and apps

Branding goes beyond your logo. It provides your business with a unified look across media. We can fit a new printed piece into your existing brand, or create a whole new brand identity for you from the ground up. Let us design for you.

Renaissance Rebranding

CLIENT: Renaissance Performing Arts / Renaissance Theater

PROJECT: Logo and Branding

DETAILS: The Renaissance needed a new logo to show that this historic, baroque-style theatre was keeping up with the times, while retaining a vintage flair. DRM based the design and color scheme on details of the theatre’s architecture, but kept it fresh by rendering it in a modern, line-art style. The logo was designed in various weights to work well at a variety of sizes across web, print, and other media.

Mansfield Symphony Logo

CLIENT: Mansfield Symphony Orchestra

PROJECT: Logo Redesign

DETAILS: The Mansfield Symphony Orchestra needed a new logo to coincide with and complement the Renaissance Theatre rebranding.

Hudson and Essex

CLIENT: Hudson and Essex

PROJECT: Logo Design

DETAILS: Sometimes, clients come to us with an exact vision of what they want their logo to look like. Other times, clients are unsure of what they’re looking for. In these scenarios, we are more than happy to help guide them towards the perfect logo for their brand. With this logo, we had fun creating different drafts of the logo and working with the client to move forward. It is often overlooked, but something as simple as the word “and” can be written or designed countless different ways. This simple but elegant logo came together as a combination of both fonts and hand-drawn design to beautifully portray the classiness of Hudson and Essex.

Discover Mohican


PROJECT: Logo Redesign

DETAILS: When designing a logo, we always try to capture the heart of the brand. Mohican State Park is a destination that offers adventure, events, history and arts, no matter the season. It’s known for its opportunities to hike, canoe, camp, mountain bike, horseback ride, fish and more. With this in mind and the fun nature of the activities one can participate in at Mohican, we designed a cartoon-like logo that incorporated aspects of nature and outdoor activities. Although we always provide our clients with multiple logos to choose from, Mohican fell in love with this fun design and decided to make it their official logo.