App Development and Programming

We program web applications, mobile apps, and interactive kiosks so that your message reaches your customers where they are and in a way that is easy to access.

We also create presentations that will help you close the deal, educate a customer, or inform employees. Your message will be stronger and more easily understood with a presentation from DRM Productions.

Retriever 3


PROJECT: Retriever Digital Signage, Version 3

DETAILS: Digital Signage is becoming increasingly prominent in the everyday world. Retriever 3 is a newly released and upgraded version of the preexisting Retriever Digital Signage program. The new version includes an easy-to-use web interface, new web slide player, Android player, and an Application Programming Interface (API) that ties all these digital features together. The new hardware is also much more cost effective and environmentally friendly. Our programming knowledge and expertise, combined with our desire for ease of use and creative design, has resulted in a highly effective communication platform.

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CLIENT: Shoot-A-Way


DETAILS: Shoot-A-Way is a company that manufactures the most advanced basketball shooting machine in the world. The most recent model of the product includes a fully interactive touchscreen with over 200 programmable locations on the court and a 19″ front display for instant feedback, drill instruction, and much more. While Shoot-A-Way had the vision for “The Gun” and brought plenty of basketball knowledge to the table, we brought the programming expertise that essentially brought the vision to life. Our programming is what gives “The Gun” the ability to complete each specific action, from knowing where to send each ball on the court, to counting makes and misses, and more.

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CLIENT: Wrench-A-Part

PROJECT: Web Inventory Management

DETAILS: Wrench-A-Part is the home of Texas’ largest selection of used auto parts, with a total of five locations. They offer state-of-the-art, modern self-service auto parts. With over 9,000 salvage vehicles in stock, it’s crucial for Wrench-A-Part to have an organized way to manage them. Our programmers designed a web application that allows users to quickly and easily search Wrench-A-Part’s inventory and find exact GPS Coordinates of each vehicle on the property. Wrench-A-Part is also able to add photos of vehicles and when they update information in our system, it automatically updates both their yard management system and the third party “Row52” application. In addition to the convenient search ability, we also programmed it in a way that allows site visitors to sign up for notifications (text/email) when the car they are looking for is in stock.




DETAILS: HAZEMAG is a global leader in the rock crushing industry. Their machinery is designed to work with countless minerals and in various environments. Although much of our work for HAZEMAG consists of animation, sometimes programming comes into play with these animations. For example, this HAZtronic project includes programming that allows for live simulations of rock sizing. In other words, the animation will show different rock sizing based on various machine settings that users can, through our programming, alter in real time.

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Sluss Realty

CLIENT: Sluss Realty

PROJECT: Website Programming

DETAILS: Sluss Realty wanted to add an online search option to their website. Sometimes searching for property listings online can be confusing, but through our programming we were able to provide Sluss with the quickest, most straightforward online search possible. With the simple search of a town or city, every listing that falls within that city and/or school district will immediately show. Additionally, site users can search for street names and other specifics to find the exact property they are looking for. This search also allows for imagery that makes the process of managing and searching for properties simple. We also worked with Sluss to program an internal web application that tracks sales and volume for their agents.

Kingwood iOS Kiosks

CLIENT: Kingwood Center Gardens

PROJECT: Garden Gateway Building Interactive Kiosks

DETAILS: With the addition of the Garden Gateway Building, Kingwood Center Gardens was looking for a way to revolutionize guests’ overall experience at the gardens. That’s why we were brought on board to design and program interactive kiosks to be included in the new building. In doing this, we were able to design a beautiful graphic map of the property that guests can interact with to learn more about the specific areas of the property. With history, fun facts, and pictures from past and present, these kiosks enhance the visitor experience at the gardens.

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Historic Reformatory Kiosks

CLIENT: The Historic Ohio State Reformatory

PROJECT: Tour Kiosks

DETAILS: The Reformatory needed a way to provide information to visitors that would tell the stories of this historic site. DRM worked with a local cabinet maker to design eight interactive kiosks to be placed throughout the facility. The kiosks fit the decor of the Reformatory with a touch screen that DRM programmed to give directions and play videos that tell the history of the Reformatory.

Directory Kiosks

CLIENT: 250 Civic Center

PROJECT: Digital Directory for Offices in Building

DETAILS: Tridico Sign Company asked DRM to program some kiosk directories for their client. We created a system where visitors can look up business names or professional names and get directions to their offices. We also made it easily updatable as building occupants come and go.