Video Production

Everyone is shooting video these days, but DRM Productions does it right. We have the equipment and experience to shoot your video, whether on location or in our own studio. Then we have the software and expertise to edit together a remarkable presentation. Doesn’t your story deserve professionals?


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Richland County

CLIENT: Richland County Commissioners

PROJECT: Richland County Highlight Video (2023)

DETAILS: From the scenic landscapes to the vibrant neighborhoods, Richland County offers an abundance of opportunities to make cherished memories and build a fulfilling life. With its strong sense of community, residents thrive in an environment that nurtures growth and development, making it an excellent place to both visit and call home.

Discover Your Adventure

CLIENT: Mohican-Loudonville

PROJECT: Discover Your Adventure (2021)

DETAILS: Through this video, we aimed to capture the beautiful landscapes and historic architecture of Mohican in a captivating way, letting the scenery tell the story itself. With a cinematic feel, Mohican was able to use this video for promotional purposes through their social media channels.

Mansfield Playhouse

CLIENT: Mansfield Playhouse

PROJECT: The Mansfield Playhouse (2021)

DETAILS: The Mansfield Playhouse was built on a passion for providing community theater to the Mansfield, Ohio area. Through an interview with Doug Wertz, the artistic director at the Mansfield Playhouse, we were able to capture the growth the Playhouse has experienced as well as improvements that could be made through community support. When producing interview-based pieces, we strengthen what is spoken by the interviewee through footage called B-roll. This ensures that the finished video will be a beautiful combination of spoken word and visual storytelling.

Westbrook Scooters

CLIENT: Westbrook Country Club

PROJECT: Westbrook Country Club Scooters (2020)

DETAILS: With something as cool as this to show off, pictures from a phone just won’t do. Westbrook Country Club (Mansfield, Ohio) added these scooter carts to their golf course and we loved getting to film them in action. Sometimes all you need is 30 seconds to communicate your message!

Studio 19

CLIENT: Studio 19

PROJECT: Small Business of the Year Award Finalist (2020)

DETAILS: Each year, the Richland Area Chamber of Commerce awards a handful of small businesses in the Richland County area as small business honorees. Upon being selected as finalists, each business is gifted a short video that highlights their business. Following the Small Business of the Year Event, the businesses are able to use their videos in any way they see fit, whether it be for use on social media, a YouTube page, or other promotional platform. With this particular video, we had the opportunity to highlight Studio 19, a salon and spa. We love being able to tell the stories of these small businesses each year.

Discovery School

CLIENT: Discovery School

PROJECT: “Keep the Sense of Wonder Alive” (2020)

DETAILS: Discovery School is the area’s only International Baccalaureate World School. As a not for profit school, Discovery Schools relies heavily on donations in order to continue offering its services to the youth in the community. Through this video, we were able to display the work that Discovery Schools does in an effort to urge individuals to donate to its cause. With custom text animations throughout the video, we were able to take viewers on a journey through a day in the life at Discovery Schools.

Garden Gateway

CLIENT: Kingwood Center Gardens

PROJECT: Kingwood Garden Gateway Project (2021)

DETAILS: The Kingwood Garden Gateway video gives a documentary-like feel to the story of how Kingwood Center Gardens has recently been transformed. This piece is the culmination of fourteen interviews where we gathered the story from all angles in order to make viewers feel as though they, too, were a part of the project. From hours of footage, we pulled out the best, most impactful statements to piece together one fluent story. We were proud to be a part of sharing the story of this historical staple to the Mansfield community.

Learn more about how we help Kingwood Center Gardens.

Richland Academy

CLIENT: Richland Academy

PROJECT: Richland Academy of the Arts (2020)

DETAILS: Richland Academy has proudly served the artistic needs of Richland and surrounding counties for the last 30 years. Through this video, we were able to capture the countless programs that take place at Richland Academy in order to display to the community the impact that Richland Academy has on individuals in our area. A perfect example of our emphasis on supporting and reinforcing your organization’s branding, we were able to use Richland Academy’s logo as a unique storyteller throughout this video.


CLIENT: North Central Ohio Land Conservancy (NCOLC)


DETAILS: The North Central Ohio Land Conservancy is dedicated to safeguarding natural areas for the health and enjoyment of current and future generations. Beyond their dedication to protecting the “living museums” in Richland County, they also make it a point to invest in individuals in the community who may be overlooked by other businesses or organizations. NCOLC is proud to give opportunities to individuals recovering from drug addictions and/or who may have felonies. We were moved by the story of NCOLC and were honored to be a part of telling their story.

Brand Richland

CLIENT: Richland County

PROJECT: Richland County Promotional Video

DETAILS: We visited over 40 locations in Richland County to showcase the amazing opportunities and activities available. In this video, we look at the stunning scenery, thrilling activities, and endless possibilities that await in this picturesque county. Join us as we spotlight some of the highlights in the area.