Website Development

Websites have the power to make you stand out and be found easily. Every site we make is responsive, which means it works on every device from large desktop computers to tablets and smartphones. We will design your site to make it fit your business and your needs, not use some template that looks like every other site out there.

The simple truth is you need to be found online. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) lets search engines, like Google and Bing, find your site so your customers can, too. We include proper SEO techniques as we build each site to help you stand out in the online crowd.

WPMU DEV Agency Partner

We are honored to be recognized as an official Agency Partner by WPMU DEV.

Renaissance Theatre

CLIENT: Renaissance Performing Arts

PROJECT: Web Design and Development

DETAILS: The Renaissance was looking to improve the online experience for patrons through a new website. We aimed to make a site that would better represent the arts organization they are. In addition to being more visual, we made the site mobile responsive to accommodate visitors on the go. A customized event management solution topped off the site, exemplifying the special attention we give each client and each project.

Longstreth Memorials

CLIENT: Longstreth Memorials

PROJECT: Web Design and Development

DETAILS: This website consists of many unique customizations requested by the client. In total, DRM employees put in over 250 hours of work to complete this website in a way that brought the client’s dreams to reality. Including e-commerce features, Longstreth’s website works to meet the exact needs of the business.

Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport

CLIENT: City of Mansfield

PROJECT: Web Design and Development

DETAILS: Considered to many in the area as “Ohio’s best kept aviation secret,” the Mansfield Lahm Airport is rich in history related to the beginnings of aviation. In fact, Frank Lahm (born in Mansfield, Ohio) was trained to fly by Wilbur Wright himself. Following a lesson that lasted a little more than three hours, Lahm became the second person ever to earn an Aero Club of America Pilot’s license. With the rich history of the Mansfield Lahm Airport in mind, this website includes many unique features that also made it very enjoyable to design. With slider customizations such as a plane taking off and parallax pictures, the website flows beautifully to tell the story of the Lahm Airport.

Pathway Tables

CLIENT: Pathway Tables

PROJECT: Web Design and Development

DETAILS: Pathway Tables takes pride in offering the most unique and beautiful live edge furniture available on the market. With this website, the beauty and craftsmanship of the tables told the story themselves. That’s why we designed a simple, black and white layout and allowed the tables to grab the audience’s full, undivided attention. While complex and colorful websites can be fun and creative, sometimes less is more with web design. This simple website came together to be a beautiful representation of the Pathway Tables brand.

Destination Mansfield

CLIENT: Destination Mansfield

PROJECT: Web Design and Development

DETAILS: Destination Mansfield, the Convention and Visitor Bureau for Mansfield and Richland County, Ohio, needed a website with an updated look and improved usability to showcase the many local attractions and events the area has to offer. The mobile-responsive, highly photographic site allows visitors to plan their trips from home and also be able to see what else there is to do in the area once they arrive. There were several years’ worth of blog posts and other data that needed to be included from their previous site, and DRM wrote some custom programming to get that information integrated with the new site.

Landoll’s Mohican Castle

CLIENT: Landoll’s Mohican Castle

PROJECT: Web Design and Development

DETAILS: Landoll’s Mohican Castle, a majestic hotel and wedding venue, needed a sophisticated website to match their grand location and architecture. We designed their site with a heavily photographic focus to showcase the beauty of the castle and grounds. Subtle transitions on the pictures as visitors scroll and hover add interest, and the responsive design allows visitors to see the grandeur of the castle on whatever device they use.

Sluss Realty

CLIENT: Sluss Realty

PROJECT: Web Design and Development

DETAILS: Sluss Realty provides expert real estate sales in Central Ohio, and their customers require a superior mobile-responsive experience as they search for their perfect properties. Their easy-to-navigate web experience allows them to showcase properties on their homepage while offering mobile-friendly photo galleries, property details, and access to their agents. Each property page is easily shared on social media and via email, maximizing publicity for every listing.

My Robo Lawn

CLIENT: Cardinal Rental & Sales

PROJECT: Web Design and Development

DETAILS: Cardinal Rental & Sales wanted a website to specifically showcase their line of robotic lawnmowers. The site focuses on imagery of the mowers in action along with helpful information for customers—while looking great on any device.

Malabar Farm Foundation

CLIENT: Malabar Farm Foundation

PROJECT: Web Design and Development

DETAILS: When designing a website for a client, we always aim to capture and convey the brand and image but sometimes, there’s even more we can capture through our design. Malabar Farm is located in Lucas, Ohio and is rich in history, which we wanted to convey through their website. Existing as one of our largest websites created to date, Malabar Farm Foundation’s site includes over fifty tabs that lead to articles and information relating to the ins and outs of the historical farm, all while displaying a uniform vintage appearance across the site.

America’s Workforce Development Capital

CLIENT: America’s Workforce Development Capital

PROJECT: Web Design and Development

DETAILS: We understand that not every brand will be looking for fun and artistic designs to represent their brand. For example, many corporate organizations will be looking for simple, clean, and on-brand designs to bring their website to life. We value this type of design and understand just how powerful it can be, so we’ve become experts at creating simple yet effective websites that communicate your brand’s image flawlessly.

Lloyd Rebar Company

CLIENT: Lloyd Rebar Company LLC

PROJECT: Web Design and Development


Lloyd Rebar’s vision is to be “respected as the most visionary and innovative rebar fabricator in the industry.” DRM worked with them to build a website that would represent that vision. We delivered a distinct site that integrates their branding and features some of our video work as well. We are proud of the end result and are confident that the new website will help showcase their expertise and attract new clients.

Pothole Bind

CLIENT: Pothole Bind

PROJECT: Web Design and Development

DETAILS: Pothole Bind wanted a new website that would showcase their DIY pavement repair products. DRM was able to take their vision and make it a reality using bold colors and textures throughout the site.